This corrective surgery performed by a Lasik Excimer Laser device is developed to produce satisfactory and pain-free results. It is the most widely used treatment option to get rid of the need to wear eyeglasses for Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism, also known as Refraction Disorders. In this method, a thin layer, called the flap, is lifted on the cornea. The treatment is applied on the inner side of the cornea tissue and then the lifted flap is replaced. Since the recovery area on the cornea is very small, recovery time is very short. This flap lifting operation is done using a femtosecond laser, rather than a microkeratome blade.

Lasik operations can be performed on patients over 18, whose dioptre value (eyeglass number) has not increased in the last year, whose cornea is suitable for the operation and who do not have any contraindications. While there can be burning, stinging and tearing complaints after several-minutes of long operation, these complaints cease within hours. Mest Health team has researched for the best surgeons and institutions in their field, and we collaborate with the highest quality JCI approved surgeons and hospitals in Turkey who utilize state of the art equipment and techniques in modern ophthalmology.