Radiology is one of the medical specialties that uses a number of different methods to diagnose diseases. Today, especially with the development of modern medical techniques and technology, elements of radiology and radiology have also improved. When we look today, thanks to the studies carried out within the scope of radiology and radiology, great progress has been made in diagnostic applications. Numerous diseases can be detected quickly and practically with radiology methods along with the techniques used. Radiology techniques, which also provide detailed analysis, also shed light on the preparation of an appropriate treatment process for diseases that patients struggle with.

Radiation, high frequency sound waves or very strong magnetic fields are used as radiology studies take place. In order to provide images, the devices working on these methods are acted on and the images obtained are used as data. While the medical specialty in which the acquired images are interpreted is called diagnostic radiology, the specialists in this field are called radiologists.

The images obtained with radiology greatly facilitate the detection of elements that threaten human health. For this reason, the value of radiology imaging methods with many diseases has an invaluable benefit. Abnormalities occurring on diseases and traumas in the body and the follow-up of the traumatic processes are also possible with radiology facilities. Diagnosing cancer, bone and lung diseases, breast diseases, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, gynaecological and paediatric diseases; monitoring pregnancy period, imaging of all organs, imaging of foreign bodies, injuries and traumas, imaging of the musculoskeletal system, imaging of all parts of the nerve system is possible with radiological examinations. Some scans can also be included in all these measurements. Radiology provides a wide range of assessment in every area of the body that is needed.

We successfully carry out radiology studies under the roof of our center, we work to illuminate the diseases that our patients struggled and initiate the most appropriate treatment process by removing the detailed analysis. In this context, we use the high-resolution Philips Affiniti 70 ultrasound device in the radiology unit in our center. We carry out x-ray, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, mammography and bone densitometry in specialist centres that we have agreements with. All the scannings performed are reported in our center. The scannings performed in the contracted centres are also reported and the data are instantly available to our center online.

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