Relex Smile (Non-Flap Laser)

Relex Smile technology is the latest state of the art Laser method. Unlike other laser systems, its distinguishing feature is the fact that the epithelium, the peak point of the cornea, is not affected at all. The first stage of this operation consists of the creation of a small lens according to the patients’ eye volume and disorder by the Usermax Femtosecond device. This lens is called the Lenticular. In the second stage, this lens is easily removed from the cornea through a very small incision using a spatula, this incision is approximately several millimetres long.

As the cornea nerves, responsible for tear formation, are protected to the maximum degree, there is no eye dryness complication after Relex Smile treatment. When Relex Smile treatment is compared to other Lasik options, there is no doubt incision-free (non-flap) operation provided by Relex Smile provides an option free of flap (incision) complication, where the cornea and front chamber are protected. The correction effect achieved on the cornea, thanks to the removed lenticular, helps correct myopia or astigmatism of the patient, improving their eyesight.

Relex Smile is counted among surgical treatments that improve life quality. As Mest Health we collaborate with the highest quality JCI approved hospitals in Turkey who employ the best physicians and utilize state of the art technology as well as FDA and CE approved materials with best facilities and techniques in order to ensure high satisfaction and best results in our laser surgery treatments.