Tooth Bleaching is a colour lightening process applied to teeth which have a darker colour than normal teeth due to the nature of the enamel of the tooth, or any other reason. There are two bleaching methods, namely Office Type and Home Type teeth bleaching.

Office Type Bleaching; is a method suited for patients with limited time. The bleaching gel used in this process contains more of the whitening active ingredient in comparison to the home type alternatives, thus this process achieves an effective result in a shorter amount of time. A gingiva barrier is applied to protect the gingiva before applying the gel, and then a laser is used to activate the bleaching gel. One session takes approximately half an hour; the treatment is continued up to 1 to 3 sessions until the level of whiteness desired by the patient is reached.

Stains on teeth originating from smoking, beverage habits and brushing habits are treated by tartar and plaque cleaning and polishing by the dentist to prepare for bleaching treatment.

Home Type Bleaching; involves the measurement of the patient’s teeth by the dentist for the preparation of special plates. The specially made plate and the bleaching gel are provided to the patient for use at home. Since the amount of whitening active ingredient is lower in home-type gels, this type of treatment takes 2 to 3 weeks of application.

The treatment can hold its effect up to 2 years depending on the frequency of smoking and beverage drinking habits like tea, coffee and cake. For healthier and more sustainable results, the treatment should be supported by regular dental care controls every 6 months.

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