Laminated Crowns

Laminated crowns are a type of crown treatment achieved by light abrasion of the front section of main teeth without damaging the tooth tissue and installation of a thin layer of porcelain over the abraded section. In this method zirconium and E.Max. materials are used. This type of operation is generally preferred by those who complain about the colour or shape of their teeth.

This operation is performed under local anesthesia. Generally completed in 3 sessions, this treatment is typically preferred to correct tooth discolouration due to smoking or beverage habits, gaps and deformations between teeth, and to provide teeth whitening. This is a treatment method that can be chosen by any individual from any age group who has one of these complaints. The treatment time is short, and due to light permeability, it provides a natural appearance. The patient can even determine the tooth colour for themselves.

Normally, the lifetime of laminated crowns is the lifetime of the patient. Teeth should be brushed with circular motions, mouthwash should not be neglected, mouthpieces should be used if the patient has night-time teeth grinding habit, the patient should avoid any attempt to break hard food items with their teeth, and dental controls should not be neglected.

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