Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crown treatments can be applied to people over 18, who have lost one or more teeth due to any reason, those who wish orthodontic treatment, those with broken, worn, discoloured or deformed teeth, or those who wish to chew function or talking function. Porcelain crowns can be applied in 2 different forms, comprising metal-supported crowns and zirconium supported crowns.

The metal alloy is used in the infrastructure of porcelain in metal-supported porcelain crowns, whereas white coloured zirconium alloy is used in the infrastructure of porcelain in zirconium-supported porcelain.

The lifetime of porcelain crowns is approximately 10 years; clean and careful use of tooth prosthesis can extend this period. Continued use of expired tooth prosthesis can cause gingival disorders.

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