Root Canal Treatment

This type of treatment becomes necessary when bacteria propagate in the dental pulp chamber where the living tissue of tooth resides due to tooth trauma or tooth decay. Pain in the tooth is not an absolute requirement before deciding on root canal treatment. Sometimes, in cases of chronic infection, teeth might not show any symptoms despite needing root canal treatment. The purpose of root canal treatment is to completely disinfect the pulp chamber and root canals infected with bacteria and shape them appropriately for root filling treatment in order to ensure no bacterial propagation happens afterwards. The portion of tooth remaining above the gingiva can be restored by tooth replacement, filling, inlay, onlay or porcelain treatments, thus allowing the tooth to stay in use without requiring full removal.

If the problem in the tooth is not very critical, the root canal treatment can be completed in one single session. However, in the case of teeth with advanced decay, complete disinfection of the decayed or inflamed tissue and achievement of better results can take multiple sessions.

Teeth subjected to root canal treatment can be used for a lifetime if treatment is completed without any problem and the patient follows the dentist’s recommendations in oral hygiene.

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